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get ready to RUN and GUN! middle east TACTICAL COMBAT is HERE...
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July 17, 2013
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WarCom Genesis:

WarCom Genesis is a recent FPS game with great graphics and gameplay. The theme of guns is always attractive and amazing. Square characters and hot desert street competition atmosphere. Since operation of the game is quite a headache, we are sharing the MOD APK version on our website as an unlimited gold and diamond replacement version. Let’s fight why WarCom Genesis is the most adventurous game on a war theme.

Although the game works with some flaws, it is still a very valuable shooter. Trinity Interactive has developed boutique games such as the Mini Heroes series and Little Legend – Bershak. His game is more Hollywood style. Although the new shooting game WarCom Genesis still follows the Q version, there is a significant difference in the masterpiece created by Glow. The overall effect is also very noticeable.

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General Information

WarCom Genesis is a new third-person shooter game developed by developer Trainee Interactive. When you see this developer, you know that the game’s characters are inspired by cartoons. And the game is free. There will be in-app purchase. The quality of the game is also very much guaranteed. There will not be much story chasing pure enthusiasm in this game. And it is also very popular in the App Store.

Warcom: Jaynes Trainee is one of Interactive’s best sellers in terms of gameplay. Although the game is no longer a tofu block game, there is a clear comment on it. The interface will be a bit classic, but it won’t feel out of place. The characters also have multiple professional impressions. Although the images are not beautiful, they are of medium and equal quality.

The main gameplay of the game is to fight BOT robots from any point of view, such as shooting enemies permanently. The enemy will attack in waves. Similar sports lifts are not comparable, but the controls are good.

Nothing special about the operation. This is still normal shooter control. Initially, your character has only one function. All other functions need to be purchased. The prize money in the game is enough to buy just one sniper. By spending money to play Trinity interactive games, you should be fair. Although the game is a novel game, it uses a lot of material and has no plot.

How to play WarCom Genesis

WarCom Genesis is a game about a bloody world war due to lack of global resources. It divides the whole world into three factions. The main character of the player is from the elite battle army called the war less. The plot will not have many successes in this shooting game.

Reviewing Trinity’s previous works, they often opt for 3D visual effects, but prefer the Q version’s character and drawing style. The effect of character formation in the game is not ideal. But you can still distinguish between the enemy and the enemy with the naked eye. Whether it is lighting or great texture, the game shapes the game well, making the fight scene easier on the eyes. The theme music has mysterious melodies to further enhance the atmosphere of the game.

WarCom Genesis is a standard first-person shooter game that uses the popular action of a double joystick. The left virtual joystick is used to control the position of the character and the right side controls the virtual joystick shooting. Swipe left and right to change the viewing angle. Then slide to change weapon. Common location maps and shooting game limits are available. Reviewing these configurations, developers are trying to bring the game closer to a more powerful shooting style.

The game control space is a plus, these details are of higher quality than other products. Are made from In addition, it includes standard shooting features. Although the shooter’s standard equipment is quite good, the character impressions are still not realistic. For example, sometimes the character is not very smooth while moving.

General diagnosis

Trinity’s sports image quality is not always up to the mark. The 3D visualization and TPS over shoulder view gives you a wide viewing angle. Also, there seem to be only a few scenes in the game, and they are not open. The gameplay lacks creativity.

The game is a typical TPS game. Today there are many popular shooting games that run under the guise of this drama. The rest of the activities look relatively good. The character’s moves and approach are relatively effortless, at least more credible than its predecessor, Professional Strike. There are subtle differences in the sound and sound of the various weapons in the game. However, after playing in depth, you know that the ability to assess shooting damage is not very appropriate. And sometimes, enemies are still alive with stains.


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