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Come beneath the surface to meet the creatures that inhabit Slugterra, Slugs! In this luminous, high-tech, underground world, explore every nook and cranny of the 99 caverns to see what awaits you. Make sure to befriend as many slugs among the way, they all have a special talent where they can transform into powerful magical beasts! Harness the power of your slug friends, train them and evolve them to their epic Megamorph form!
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February 11, 2021
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Slugterra: Slug it Out 2:

The Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 cartoon series is the second installment of this popular puzzle series set in the universe of Salgatra. All comes back alive, playing alongside the series’ lead character Ellie Shan and many other characters. Your goal is to defeat your opponents using various slugs.

The combat system on Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 is similar to the previous title of this story. Your goal is to match the elements on the main screen of the game, so that whenever you match 3 or more, you will benefit even more from this particular resource. In this way you will need all kinds of resources to install your favorite thin slug.

When you go against the enemy and defeat the enemy, you will open new slugs to play with it. Each slug has its own characteristics, in fact the ice slug allows you to create an ice shield and the fire slug takes care of destroying the enemy’s defenses.


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Mysteriously disappearing in 99 caves. In the same vein, you will become the main protagonist of the mission, Elshane, to find out the reason for his disappearance from the underground environment, find a way to bring the slugs home, and restore their energy balance. Along with his adventures, Burpee will become your companion and help you solve the mystery.

“Slugterra: Slug it Out 2” is a mixture of fighting and matching three puzzle elements. Players can enjoy its great story, recruit some of the best slugs, and defeat evil bosses who stand in their way. There are a variety of slugs with unique abilities everywhere and it needs to be upgraded all the time to get better combat capabilities.


Familiar gameplay

If you have watched the TV series, you will see that its main idea is to collect various types of slugs, train them and hostile them to other opponents. The match takes a turn after a series: match three mechanism. Players have to solve a match three puzzle where you can match three or more identical tiles to charge your slug.

To defeat rivals and bosses, players have to shoot them with hundreds of special powers. Once your slug gun is in charge, your job is to drop them onto your opponent, take out their HP and take them out. When multiple tiles are matched in a single move, the guns charge rapidly.

Be aware that danger is everywhere you expect it to be. In addition, it is important for players to remember the world map and stay safe while playing the story mode, players must seek out traps and avoid unexpected dangers.

Slugs are your best friend

As the main character, the players meet and befriend the new slug in their journey. The shells in the slug are low shell creatures, and most of them are friendly and cute, while others can be strange and scary. The developers of Sligre are very creative with the name of Sliggs, which is very unique and cute at the same time, for example, bublon, jelly, tomato, etc.

Each slug has its own characteristics and attacks that can help you deal with the toughest opponents. By collecting resources or gaining experience points through battles, players can rate the health, speed, damage, duration of impact, and critical opportunities of the slug. After successfully crushing the enemy, players can obtain special chests to unlock new slugs as well as game coins and gems. However, each chest takes time to open, so if the wait is spending too much of your time, you can speed it up using a coin.

Ev, Evolution Stones are required to upgrade your slug. The more powerful they become, the easier it becomes to fight giant bosses. Until now, rare slag in crystalloid, also known as “tunnel slug”, has occurred in crystalloid. It is extremely powerful and can only be found below the surface of the salagatra.

Types of slugs

Slugs can be divided into five basic elements: fire, water, air, earth and energy. Apart from the basics, the secondary elements are: ice, electricity, plant, psychic, shade and toxic. They appear after their own names, for example, if your slug is a water element, it has the power of water with a blue tone.

Highly experienced slugs can be developed into a strong form called megamorph. There are over 30 megamorphic slug changes for players to upgrade. With Megamorph, slugs can come up to 200 MPH in length and handle instantaneous speeds, making slugs more stable and faster.

In addition to normal appearance and megamorphs, slugs can become “dissolves”, a form that is replaced by dark energy. Round slugs are powerful, yet well trained slugs can easily beat them. In the TV series, it is difficult to bond with the round slugs, and sometimes they may not adapt.

Smoothie hideout

Size, shape and color vary. You cannot deny the fact that whenever you see them you want to collect any kind of slug. Only four can be brought into the fight, so where will the rest compete?

Here is the Slugs hideout, where your little friends can hang out with each other and play with the toys you buy for them. Despite the conflicting personality, all slugs can live together. Slugs Howout helps you easily organize and choose who you want to bring with you.

At the shelter, slugs can rest, swing or ride on the trampoline.

Discovery of magical world

“Slagatra” does not limit players to the repetition of battles because they can find various amazing maps where rare slugs can hide. Each map is carefully and beautifully designed, and comes with a separate chapter.


How to Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Download

To download Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 From our trytechyo site then click on the download button.
The new tab will open wait 15 seconds then click on the download button to download latest version of Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 Apk file.

What's new

• New Slugs are here! Diggrix and Polero are available in the Legacy Slugs Pack!

•NEW FEATURE: Player Skins! You can now change which character you play as!

•NEW FEATURE: Slug Nicknames! You can now give your Slugs nicknames!

•Limited Time: Free New Eli Skin for anyone who logs in during this update!

•Balance Adjustments

•Minor bug fixes and optimization



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