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January 21, 2021
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Ninja Turtles Legends:

Ninja Turtles Legends is a fighting RPG with nothing but acting. Well, actually the game centers around Leonardo because the real story this time is that Donitello, Rafael, and Michelangelo were kidnapped after being dragged into the Dimension Portal. Of course, our goal is to save them.

Fortunately, for Leonardo, on Ninja Turtles Legends, he will be supported by a group of other characters, some of whom are longtime friends who are already household names for this franchise. April O’Neill, Dog Pound, Cry, and Casey Jones will name just a few characters that will add you to their group of heroes. Not only this, with the help of 5 different characters you will be able to follow all your adventures.

In Ninja Turtles Legends, the clashes are mutual. Each character, depending on their level, has a special set of skills that you will use to defeat your opponents. For example, Leonardo is not only capable of using basic combat attacks, but can also use wounds that heal wounds. On the other hand, Cry allows you to attack all enemies on your screen at the same time.


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In this game, Android gamers will have the chance to join a group of their favorite heroes, the Ninja Turtles, in an exciting battle against the evil forces of Kreng. And this time, to create the ultimate mutant soldiers, the ferocious Krang has captured almost every mutant hero and villain on the TMNT universe to unleash his unique powers.

You will begin the journey with Leonardo as his brothers and masters were also captured by enemies. But you cannot do it alone and they should seek help from other mutants in the city. Start recruiting new heroes as soon as you leave the chase. Help others avoid heroes and villains to build their ultimate roster of powerful mutants.

Fight them against the enemies in the final battle when you will effectively eliminate their evil organizations. Dive into the fierce battles of the game with fresh and exciting turn-based mechanics. When you make the ultimate team with qualified members, make your heroes and villains the same. Enjoy great action and RPG gameplay to fully explore Ninja Turtles Legends.



Enjoy going back to the original chapters of the series

To begin with, fans of the popular comic and cartoon series will find themselves enjoying interesting stories in the game, with plenty of real chapters. Discover and enjoy the TMNT universe as you watch amazing stories and sporting events. Fight enemies through 7 different chapters and experience exciting gameplay in over 70 different stages. Find yourself going against the series’ most famous villains, such as Kraang, Schrader, and Favorites.

Discover new chapters in TMNT Stories

And to make the game even more interesting, Android gamers on Ninja Turtles Legends can enjoy all-new adventures outside TMNT’s famous blockbuster: Shadow. Start a whole new adventure as you peer into the recent adventures of our turtle friends. Unlock unique characters and items as you move through this new gameplay.
Fight enemies in exciting 5v5 turn based battles
In the game, Android 5 gamers will be able to have complete fun with exciting 5v5 turn-based battles. That said, Ninja Turtles Legends offers a similar experience to its favorite Looney Tunes World of Mayhem and Pokemon Masters. But at the same time, it also introduces unique elemental abilities, making turn-based battles much more fun and exciting.

Enjoy playing with your powerful crew in both the Heroes and Villains series, as you use your unique powers to defeat enemies in exciting turn-based challenges. Each character in the series will have their own unique and amazing powers, which can be used against enemies. Enable them at the right time and have the right attitude for each opponent as you defeat them in the fierce battles of the game.

Enjoy the game with different characters and their unique powers

Also, for those of you who are interested, the game also includes 75+ TMNT characters that you can choose from, power up and build on your final roster. Dive into epic battles as well as gain experience and upgrades for your characters. Train them to unlock sweet tricks to get better stats, and as you put them in your back.

Build your ultimate team with different strategies

And speaking of which, Ninja Turtles Legends also provides a unique core element that every character in your game owns. Depending on your character, one will have a unique elemental power, which can bring them advantages or disadvantages when dealing with opponents in another element. That being said, you can easily use the options available to your characters to create a complete team that has no weaknesses and can effectively deal with any enemy.

Collect great rewards and enjoy daily events

For those of you who are interested, you can become active in the game and earn dozens of interesting prizes every day. Collect interesting prizes and always plan the final prize at the end of the month. In addition, it is possible to have fun with daily missions and events on Ninja Turtles Legends, offering exciting gameplay that sets you apart from awesome adventures.

Jump into a deep battle that will take you around famous locations

In addition, as you engage in exciting battles on Ninja Turtles Legends, the party will gain access to popular sites in the city. Enjoy your battles with awesome enemies in your favorite TMNT scenarios with dimension X, grooves and familiar terraces.

Compete in exciting sports tournaments for special prizes

Furthermore, for those who are interested in you, you can also have fun with the exciting game tournament on Ninja Turtles Legends, which will take you to tons of updated gameplay and special prizes. Gifts Enjoy these amazing experiences and play whenever you are ready.


How to Ninja Turtles Legends Download

To download Ninja Turtles Legends From our trytechyo site then click on the download button.
The new tab will open wait 15 seconds then click on the download button to download latest version of Ninja Turtles Legends Apk file.

What's new

- Various bug fixes and polishes.



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