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January 27, 2021
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Hero Factory:

For those of you who are interested in the interesting and exciting gameplay of Clicker Heroes, you will definitely find yourself enjoying Hero Factory’s awesome gameplay, as it comes with experiments. But instead of fighting monsters themselves, Android gamers will enjoy the game with their exciting hero characters.

Feel free to explore Hero Factory, where you will build and build great heroes who will help you in your epic struggle against enemies. Engage in exciting simulation gameplay and enjoy it to the fullest with Hero Factory as you progress. Take advantage of monsters and dirty bosses to unlock strange rewards. Keep creating heroes and collecting great prizes.


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Story / Gameplay

You are running your own factory, which provides the most essential equipment for the market. However, as the economy collapses, you find yourself in debt and have to sell your business to deal with problems. But this is not the end because the economy is still deteriorating and eventually you will find yourself broken.

Towards the end of your tycoon career, you suddenly find hope in interesting RPG questions. Now, killing monsters and reducing enemies has become a great way to raise money. But since you are a tycoon, you will not be able to become a fighter, as you can start making heroes in the factory and prepare them to fight for you.

Feel free to create all kinds of powerful and capable heroes to help you in your epic battle with enemies. Eliminate monsters and bosses when you collect large loot from them. Develop your factory further and you can unlock even more powerful heroes. Earn as much money as possible and become the ultimate tycoon in this awesome Hero Factory gameplay.



Simple and enjoyable useless tycoon gameplay

For those of you who are interested in the interesting gameplay of the faceless tycoon, you will definitely find yourself involved in this interesting gameplay on Hero Factory. Enjoy the fun and easy gameplay of Factory Tycoon as you take control of your exciting Hero Factory. Take a look at the foreign trade of mass produced heroes and introduce them to many epic battlegrounds. Challenge the demons and nefarious enemies as you take them down for special rewards.

And at the same time, immerse yourself in the awesome gameplay of factory management and save a certain amount for your future upgrades. Pick and support more and more powerful heroes to help your ultimate hero tycoon gameplay.

Intuitive management and accessible upgrades for your factory

And about which, on Hero Factory, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying their simple and intuitive engagement management gameplay that you can easily use. Just make your heroes, introduce them to war so that they can get their money back. And use the funds raised to upgrade your factory. Combine tons of different power-ups to make the hero more capable, thus earning you more. Needless to say, with the new upgrades, you can start developing advanced heroes, which are much more powerful.

A variety of different heroes to collect

Here on Hero Factory, Android gamers will see themselves enjoying the gameplay, similar to various heroes. Enjoy with your swordsmen, archers, picks, axes, lancers, gunmen and many different heroes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. This allows you to take a variety of perspectives and enjoy exciting Hero Factory gameplay.

Discover awesome power with the available skills

Also, with different heroes and abilities available from your characters, you can unlock a lot of different tactics. Choose the appropriate strategy for the characters in your particular game and enjoy a variety of addictive strategy gameplay to defeat enemies. In addition, you will have access to powerful skills, which can be used to completely eliminate enemies. So, use them well with a combination of your great heroes and appropriate tactics.

Empower your heroes to face tough challenges.

And as you advance in the game, it is also possible for you to upgrade your heroes more than once and get more powerful warriors. At the same time, feel free to send them on several holidays to increase their figures. In addition, you can now use many interesting items on Hero Factory, which will give your heroes the power to add tremendous power.

Enjoy an exciting mini tile matching game

With the items collected, it is also possible for Android gamers to upgrade their gears and weapons completely and power them up. And here on Hero Factory, you can enjoy yourself the exciting gameplay of tile matching, which allows you to fully engage in interesting experiences. Find challenges and unlock your special magic stones to make many upgrades for your weapons and helmets.

Start a series of epic adventures

And at the same time, through Hero Factory, you can find yourself busy with exciting adventures with lots of challenges, each harder than the last. Enjoy your epic journey with explore awesome pieces of gameplay on Hero Factory. And unlock addictive challenges with better difficulty.

Enjoy playing with or without internet

And like many other useless tycoon gameplay, Android gamers on Hero Factory will find themselves enjoying full levels of freedom while engaging in the game. Here, whenever you are out, you can enjoy Hero Factory freely without turning on the Internet connection. And at the same time, with classic useless gameplay, you can let the game run itself while doing something else. Return to the game only when you need something.

The graphics

For those of you who are interested, now you can add yourself to the interesting gameplay of simulation with colorful and interesting genre games. Discover the world of epic heroes with interesting characters. Enjoy Hero Factory addictive and enjoyable gameplay as you introduce your unique heroes into battle. In addition, engage yourself in battle with powerful visual effects. And most importantly, with irrelevant graphics, you will find the game very entertaining and accessible to most gamers.

Sound and music

Along with epic game visuals, Hero Factory also offers its own interesting soundtracks and sound effects, allowing you to fully engage yourself in awesome gameplay.


How to Hero Factory Download

To download Hero Factory From our trytechyo site then click on the download button.
The new tab will open wait 15 seconds then click on the download button to download latest version of Hero Factory Apk file.

What's new

Medals increase training improvement
-The amount obtained during medal increase training has been increased.
-Medal increase training maximum level has been increased.

Minor chages
The maximum level of 5-star equipment has been increased.
Some minor bugs have been fixed.



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