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Imagine a place where all that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings; living mislaid objects longing to be remembered.
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September 24, 2020
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Forgotton Anne:

Have you thought about all the little things lost or forgotten over the years? It can be a pair of socks, an old watch, your wallet, etc. Have you ever wondered where they have gone?

Okay, you probably think they would be in the same place? We believe that after this experience, your thoughts will change forever. Join Forgotton Anne in a completely unique adventure in a land of lost and forgotten objects.

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The game takes place in a forgotten place called Fronton where all lost and forgotten items are sent. They are called forgetters who give themselves a new life as soon as they arrive. On Forgotton Anne, you will find fluffy people who have their own human-like characteristics and traits, as if they were once human. Whether it was a lost sock, a broom, a ring, or an old fridge, there was nothing like that a second ago.

However, Furfuttan’s condition is not good at the moment. And the reason is that the person in charge of the world is forced to be forgetful to work in chosen factories. Here, they are forced to create a special energy called anime, as well as build a huge bridge that will lead the real world. It is believed by many light-minded forgetful people that they can use it after the bridge is over. Nevertheless, they still live in harsh conditions and are treated like animals by the rulers.

Our main character may seem like an actual heroine from the anime, but she begins as an officer for the Gestapo. Most Fort Gottlings are afraid of it and call it their enforcement. With the help of a strange device on the wrist, Ann can turn any forgotten opponent into raw kinetic energy. In fact, you can see him really enjoying it. Unless you try to stop it, things will continue to get worse, by then the story will go on a very deep path.

And on the other hand, there is a group of ruthless rebels who do not care about forgotten people because they always try to capture them and collect anime. Its ultimate goal was to break the construction bridge and prevent Ann and her boss, Bonco, from leaving the forgotten circle. Play your own game and tell your own stories.



Easy and intuitive control

To begin, Forgotton Anne gamers will be introduced to really easy and intuitive control options where they will feel extremely comfortable transferring their characters. As you guide Ann, you involve her in an epic conflict. Travel through dangerous locations by effectively jumping over obstacles or being attacked by enemies. Unlock gestures and feel free to launch effective attacks on enemies. In addition, the simplified interface also puts a lot of pressure on new gamers. That being said, you can easily find out about the controls at any time.

Discover a beautiful world with live characters

In addition, you will find the world very interesting and fascinating on Forgotton Anne as it has amazingly live-forgetting features that you cannot believe were just a few inanimate things in the past. That being said, this game is your chance to discover a beautiful physical world where attractive objects are brought to life and your personalities are created.

On the upper side, you are also offered in different places, each with its own elements. Meet interesting new characters during the journey and spend time exploring the beautiful nature on Forgotton Anne.

Embark on an adventure and a heart-warming adventure

And most importantly, the authors of Forgotton Anne have given us an interesting story that will touch every part of your soul. Join Ann as she learns the truth behind the conflict between her mentor and her brutal rebellion. Enjoy the heart touching story with so many characters involved in the stories. Share meaningful moments with scary characters and learn more about their past.

Discover the power of Anima and unlock its secrets

In this adventure, Anima’s power will be the key to solving your problems. What makes energy so special that it allows consumers to do great things? And how can we get proper control over it?

Join Ann as she learns how to use electricity and how to use it as a key to solve problems in a forgotten land. And maybe, with the strength in your hands, you can also learn how to gain complete control over forgetfulness.

Choose your stories and progress

And for Android gamers to enjoy the game more, you will have the option to choose their stories in this game. Choose between different words and actions to direct stories for varied progress. If the choices are difficult, just spend your time listening to your heart, and it will guide you through the darkest hours.

Enjoy exciting platform gameplay

In addition, Forgotton Anne offers an interesting platform gameplay involving gamers and many other interesting activities. Use your skills and agility to run, jump, and even climb the sky. Find past obstacles and guide Ann home.


How to Forgotton Anne Download

To download Forgotton Anne From our trytechyo site then click on the download button.
The new tab will open wait 15 seconds then click on the download button to download latest version of Forgotton Anne Apk file.

What's new

- Wider screen resolutions won't cause camera shaking in some areas
- General optimizations and bug fixes



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